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For great articles and up-to-date news & information on our water resources in California, visit National Geographic's Publication 'Water for Tomorrow':

Case Studies

We tell you that sub-metering saves money and promotes conservation, but where's the proof? Click below for real life case studies:

Services Offering

A comprehensive list of services offered by MeterNet and the sub-metering and billing implementation process for condos and HOAs:

MeterNet, Sub-metering & Billing Solutions
Whether it is through sub-metering or PASS billing, MeterNet has a billing solution for your HOA or condominium community.

MeterNet can help your community and residents take back control of their water usage, become directly involved in ongoing water conservation and usage accountability.

Utilize our proprietary tools to see how we can directly effect the bottom line of your Association reserves and view actual case studies demonstrating the dramatic effect sub-metering has on reducing water usage.

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